SPRINT Guatemala 2013

Seattle Pacific University students learning and serving alongside local leaders in Guatemala.



Things are going well.  We have a big festival tomorrow that we dress up for – we’ll post a picture for the blog after that!

We have been in English classes  for one week now. Gwen is teaching preschool, Lindsey is in elementary school, Alexis is in middle school, and Amanda and Brooke are teaching high school English.

We are going to Chimultenango next week (Monday-Wednesday). So far we have enjoyed being with our families and getting to know the teachers we work with as well as the kids, which of course are adorable. The people of Guatemala seem to have the idea that if you are American then you live like those seen in American movies. We have a great opportunity to spend time with people and show them that we are just like them, just different cultures. The students are eager to learn and we are eager to teach as well as learn from our students.

We will start afterschool programs in our third week.  Next week we’ll do fluoride treatments while in Chimaltenango.


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